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  • Tanya Aplin

Copyright and the Challenges of New Tech: AI and Copyright Protection

Brexit - The UK is out

As Queen sang in 1984 ‘It’s a machine’s world.

Don’t tell me I ain’t got no soul.

When the machines take over,

It ain’t no place for rock’n’roll’

(‘Machines (Or Back To Humans)’ - Taylor/May.

In 2019, the activities of computers are not limited to carrying out purely repetitive tasks; algorithms are able to create art. This raises not only fundamental philosophical questions but also interesting copyright issues. Can such computer-generated works be considered works of the mind? The intellectual creation of an author? Professor Tanya Aplin, Kings College, will explore the legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence which are already of increasing relevance for the future of Intellectual Property and specifically Copyright

Discover more of Professor Tanya Aplin’s research here:

Our C8 Copyright Seminar will tackle these latest developments and challenges in the world of copyright. We are delighted to welcome Tanya Alpin as a speaker on Copyright and the Challenges of New Tech: AI and Copyright Protection.

Please see the full programme below and find more information on

The seminar will take place on the 25th of June from 1 to 5pm in the British Library’s Knowledge Centre followed by networking drinks. The seminar is limited to 25-30 participants to ensure an interactive setting.

Our programme consists of:

Our draft programme consists of the topics listed below

  • 1pm Welcome with Dominic McGonigal, Conference Chair

  • 1:15pm Developments in the EU: Digital Single Market and beyond with Mary Honeyball, MEP

  • 1:55pm Developments in the US: Modernizing Copyright with David Carson, former General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office

  • 2:35pm International Developments: Global Markets with Adam Williams, Director of International Policy, UK IPO

  • 3:15pm Tea and Coffee break

  • 3:30pm Copyright and the Challenges of New Tech: AI and Blockchain with Tanya Aplin, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, King's College

  • 4:10pm The Future Trends of Copyright: A panel discussion and questions with the speakers chaired by Dominic McGonigal

  • 5:00pm Networking Drinks

Cecilie Dreyer

Tanya Aplin - Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. She is also Vice-Dean for Research in the Law School, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in UK, EU and US Copyright Law

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