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Get first-hand insight on current 

copyright advancements and challenges

The C8 Copyright Seminar is an interactive seminar with leaders in the field to get up to speed on latest developments and advance professional competence for creative industries execs lawyers, academic, public affairs professionals and anyone running a business relying on the value of copyright and the ability to create, promote and distribute content.


Dominic McGonigal

Dominic McGonigal is a talented and successful creative industries executive with 30 years of experience in the sector, over half of that time at Board and director level. He is Chairman of C8 Associates, the consultancy specialising in optimising profitability for creative businesses.

Mary Honeyball

Mary Honeyball -  MEP and currently Labour Party spokesperson for legal affairs and a member of the Legal Affairs Committee. She also has a range of senior management experience in non-governmental sector.

Adam Williams.png
Adam Williams

Adam Williams - the Director of International Policy at UK IPO. He also has extensive experience dealing with policy issues in the EU, UN, Nato. 

David O. Carson

David O. Carson - Has advised on copyright and media law and represented clients in the federal district and appellate courts and the Supreme Court. He has held positions as VP of Global Legal Policy at IFPI

Tanya Aplin

Tanya Aplin  - Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. She is also Vice-Dean for Research in the Law School, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in UK, EU and US Copyright Law


Creative industries execs, lawyers, academics, public affairs professionals, or anyone running a business relying on the value of copyright and the ability to create, promote and distribute content. 

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Industry Exec

Needs to stay up to date on copyright developments as they affect their business locally and globally

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Needs to keep up continuous professional development and keep abreast of latest developments for clients

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Public Affairs Prof.

Needs to understand how copyright reform is influenced by different commercial pressures globally

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Needs to stay in touch with copyright developments in the market and future legislative changes


There is much on the agenda when it comes to global copyright trends. Our experts invite you to take part in the discussion.

  • 1pm Welcome with Dominic McGonigal, Conference Chair


  • 1:15pm Developments in the EU: Digital Single Market and beyond with Mary Honeyball, MEP


  • 1.55pm Developments in the US: Modernizing Copyright with David Carson, former General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office


  • 2:35pm International Developments: Global Markets with Adam Williams, Director of International Policy, UK IPO


  • 3:15pm Tea and Coffee break


  • 3:30pm Copyright and the Challenges of New Tech: AI and Copyright Protection with Tanya Aplin, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, King's College


  • 4:10pm The Future Trends of Copyright: A panel discussion and questions with the speakers chaired by Dominic McGonigal


  • 5pm Networking drinks



Your ticket includes half a day with our expert speakers, an unique networking opportunity and refreshments.

This takes place 25th of June 2019 @ The Knowledge Centre, British Library


We're proud to present the C8 Copyright Seminar in partnership with IAEL – International Association of Entertainment Lawyers

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The seminar is hosted in the Bronte room in the Knowledge Centre at the British Library

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