Our team has a wealth of commercial experience. We have all delivered success for creative businesses since before
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Dominic McGonigal is a talented and successful creative industries executive with 30 years of experience in the sector, over half of that time at Board and director level. He is Chairman of C8 Associates, the consultancy specialising in optimising profitability for creative businesses.

Dominic McGonigal


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Angela Newton

Angela Newton has over 18 years’ experience in content and brand development across the publishing sector. She is highly experienced in developing new products, brands and commercial channels, as well as repositioning and overhauling legacy brands to meet changing market needs.


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Carrie Hindmarsh previously CEO of Saatchi London, with 22 years experience there, works as an NED and is a trustee for Teenage Cancer Trust. She works in an advisory capacity with Transport for London as well as with a number of businesses in the creative industry. 




Florian Koempel is a qualified German lawyer. He obtained a Law Degree from the University of Regensburg in Bavaria; in 1998, he passed the bar exam in Munich and has worked for the Regional Court and in private practice. He holds an LLM in Intellectual Property from Queen Mary and Westfield and a Competition Law Diploma from Kings College.


Cecilie Dreyer is a strategic and analytical creative industry professional supporting companies in growth by implementing performance measurement infrastructure, process optimisation, operational and budget control. Cecilie is the Founder and Director of a music tech start-up based in London and Los Angeles focusing on taking music to market effectively.

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Maria Trofimova

Maria Trofimova is an assistant of C8Associates, providing the back-office support to the projects run by the consultancy. Experienced PhD researcher and former journalist. Has over 5 years of the professional experience in Mass Media, including movie making, script writing and video shooting.


Martin Hummel


Martin Hummel is a seasoned executive with nearly 40 years of experience in managing communications and businesses for brands on a global, regional and local basis across multiple disciplines and business sectors. He has also managed a range of creative agencies as Chief Executive.

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Paul Lynton


Paul Lynton is one of the country’s leading digital and traditional licensing, copyright marketing, and compilation experts for audio and audio-visual products. He is acknowledged as an expert in world-wide music/audio visual copyright, digital rights licensing for many uses including premiums, promotions, synchronisation, marketing and merchandising.

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