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Steve Carey


Steve Carey has over 18 years’ experience in the setup and creative development of video production and syndication businesses within digital media. Co-founder of Diagonal View, one of Europe’s largest original content production & audience development studios which was acquired by Sky in March 2017, Steve has also held senior positions at Vice Media and sports technology group Deltatre.


With a background in film editing, script writing and production, Steve has overseen the commercial and creative development of a range of digital content projects in Europe and the US. In addition to extensive experience in original programming and branded content, he has also developed successful archive monetisation strategies for major content rights holders such as ITN, and now advises on content & creative strategy for digital production businesses.


With a Masters degree from Edinburgh University in Business and Modern Languages, Steve is passionate about unlocking creativity, developing consumer-facing digital entertainment brands, and understanding the mechanics of building audience online. As a creative producer, he has built some of Europe’s largest channels on YouTube around sport & entertainment, and now works with clients from startup through to corporate level in growing digital audience, maximising revenue, and realising the full value of their content.

"I like nothing more than to see musicians, photographers and publishers get a fair deal in Europe."

- Steve Carey


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