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  • Cecilie Dreyer - C8 Associates

Get first-hand insight on current copyright advancements and challenges at the C8 COPYRIGHT seminar

Brexit - The UK is out

In the ever-changing and digital world of copyright it is important to retain a high level overview of copyright policy developments at international, European, and national level. In this interactive seminar we provide succinct summaries of the main copyright policy development by three experts for creative industries executives, lawyers, academic and public affairs professionals. In order to enable a meaningful discussion we limit the number of participants to 25 to 30.

The seminar will take place on the 25th of June from 1 to 5pm in the British Library’s Knowledge Centre.

Our draft programme consists of the topics listed below

  • 1pm Welcome with Dominic McGonigal, Conference Chair

  • 1:15pm Developments in the EU: Digital Single Market and beyond with Mary Honeyball, MEP

  • 1:55pm Developments in the US: Modernizing Copyright with David Carson, former General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office

  • 2:35pm International Developments: Global Markets with Adam Williams, Director of International Policy, UK IPO

  • 3:15pm Tea and Coffee break

  • 3:30pm Copyright and the Challenges of New Tech: AI and Blockchain with Tanya Aplin, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, King's College

  • 4:10pm The Future Trends of Copyright: A panel discussion and questions with the speakers chaired by Dominic McGonigal

Cecilie Dreyer

Cecilie Dreyer is a strategic and analytical creative industry professional supporting companies in growth by implementing performance measurement infrastructure, process optimisation, operational and budget control. Dedicated to taking creative businesses to the next level. Read more at

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