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  • Dominic McGonigal

Creative Business in Brussels - 04.03.2022

European Commission bans Russia Today in Europe

As of Wednesday, Russia Today and Sputnik are officially banned in the EU. The announcement by the European Commission followed after Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine and the constant stream of state sponsored propaganda, undermining and destabilising public opinion in the Union. According to some, the move could lead to unintended consequences of further restrictions of authoritative news reporting in Russia. The sanctions against the news groups were published in the EU's Official Journal, effectively providing legal grounds to implement the Commission and EU governments’ decision to take both Russian state-run organizations off the air and offline within the bloc. Here’s how some of the front pages have been recording events.


DMA trilogue negotiations move slower than anticipated

Negotiators of the Parliament, Council and Commission gathered this week for the third Digital Markets Act trilogue negotiation. Teams ran through a range of issues, however progress so far hasn’t met expectations, at least for lead MEP Andreas Schwab, who said he wants to see more effort from the Council as inter-institutional negotiators move towards the end of March.

An official close to the talks said that there is optimism in the ranks that a conclusion can still be reached by March 24 or at the beginning of April. They added that two specific areas that are likely to go to the very end of the negotiations are interoperability and targeted advertising.


‘How Brussels Really Works’

It was only when we learned how Brussels actually works that we became effective in public affairs. Now, we’re offering to teach junior public affairs officials how to have an impact too. We’re running a free intro session via Zoom on April 6th where you will hear from our course directors and be able to ask any questions. You can register for the session right here. We’re currently offering 50% off to our first cohort if you buy before April 7th. Get the discount right here. Please share with anyone who you think would benefit from this.


Coming Up

Upcoming events:


  • No EP committee meetings due to the “Plenary week”

  • The Working Party on Consumer Protection and Information will discuss the compromise text on the Consumer Credits Directive on Wednesday 9 March

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