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How can your company grow while securing a margin?   


To excel in a market recovering from a deep recession and create an impact, it is vital that you have a finely tuned strategy in order to develop, build and sustain your competitive edge.  


When investing in your growth it is essential to track performance in relation to your key objectives. Budgeting for a gradual revenue curve and managing expenses are vital activities and requires tight operational processes.  


With these processes in place, companies achieve better client relationships based on trust and transparency, they can make informed investment decisions in relation to growth projects and can better manage margins and cashflow. 

C8 are able to provide high-level expertise in fine tuning your competitive edge through non-affiliated external analysis and a wealth of top level successful and insightful business experience. With specialists in content monetisation, copyright licensing, clearance and protection, digital transformation, brand and business strategy, we can take your business to the next level. 
Contact us to find out more about how our commercial business experience across the creative industries can get you ahead of your competitors.

An external perspective can be invaluable in better understanding the market potential and how to capture it. Read how we helped a London based label services company grow by controlling digital growth projects: 

The Contract



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We work with a range of clients, from elite creative collaborations, to some of the biggest creative brands in the world. You'll be in good company.


The C8 team have years of commercial experience in the creative and digital sector and are known for their track record of success.
Dominic McGonigal


Dominic McGonigal is a talented and successful creative industries executive with 25 years of experience in the sector, over half of that time at Board and director level. He is Chairman of C8 Associates, experts in the creative and digital sector, working with businesses, industry bodies and investors.

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Carrie Hindmarsh


Carrie Hindmarsh previously CEO of Saatchi London, with 22 years experience there, works as an NED and is a trustee for Teenage Cancer Trust. She works in an advisory capacity with Transport for London as well as with a number of businesses in the creative industry. 

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Angela Newton


Angela Newton has over 18 years’ experience in content and brand development across the publishing sector. She is highly experienced in developing new products, brands and commercial channels, as well as repositioning and overhauling legacy brands to meet changing market needs.

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Paul Lynton


Paul Lynton is one of the country’s leading digital and traditional licensing, copyright marketing, and compilation experts for audio and audio-visual products. He is acknowledged as an expert in world-wide music/audio visual copyright, digital rights licensing for many uses including premiums, promotions, synchronisation, marketing and merchandising.

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