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Can you account to your client for all billable costs across projects?


To fully ensure accountability and transparency across all projects, internal control processes need to accommodate the initial deal set-up. Besides implementing the above tracking systems, we will also implement a financial package so you can deliver accountability and transparency at every step of the way. Certainly a service your clients will benefit from directly and can thus be rechargeable. 

This package is £900 for the first month with a recurring monthly fee of £250 including monitoring and follow up meetings. You can cancel with a month's notice.


You will then be able to: 


  1. You will then be able to: 

  2. Align expectations via tailored project budgets 

  3. Be accountable for all billable spend via strong internal finance process 

  4. Track committed and actualised expenses on a scalable basis across all projects 

  5. Easily track key project KPIs set up to match tailored budgets 

  6. Empower project managers to be fully accountable for their margins 

  7. Ensure efficient internal reporting on project performance 

  8. Provide timely and transparent reporting to client



As you are growing your company, you can now rest assured your clients achieve what they expect and you will not be liable for expenses incurred on their behalf.


Legal Research and Writing

Single Project Management Package


Do you know exactly how much

each project is costing you? 

When investing in a larger scale project it is key to manage cost to fit a gradual revenue curve. We can help you tailor and implement a system that helps you ensure your and your client's margin in a key project. From the initial budget creation to practical methods of setting up and tracking performance KPIs on both expense and income.

Workers at Their Computers

Multi Project Management Package


Are all your project managers

delivering a margin?


When having several key projects running with a monetary commitment, you want to make sure all your project managers deliver a margin for you and the client. With this package, can track committed and actualised expenses across all projects, easily track KPIs against it and more.

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