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Who is winning the battle for data?

For anyone running a business relying on data and the opportunity to create value from it.

Data has surpassed oil in value. Data is a commodity that is harvested, sold and re-sold and fiercely guarded by all parts of the creative value chain. This seminar will explore the commercial, legal and political issues around data.

Quintillions of bytes of data points are created every single day. Every time you search online, share a ride or stream a song you add to the pile. Who gets it and what legal measures are they using to get the data they need?


Brands that sell through Amazon’s Vendor Central must pay for demographic data as part of a subscription to Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium, which can reportedly cost as much as $30,000 per year. Even though record labels and artists own the music, they cannot demand access to all the data on their audience Spotify generates every day. Whose data is it anyway?


Data has surpassed oil in value as a commodity generally used to improve and optimise marketing strategies and advertising budgets to increase profits. How can creative businesses assess which data points they need to legally fight for, protect and commodify? And how?


Dominic McGonigal

Dominic McGonigal is a talented and successful creative industries executive with 30 years of experience in the sector, over half of that time at Board and director level. He is Chairman of C8 Associates, the consultancy specialising in optimising profitability for creative businesses.

Mary Honeyball

Mary Honeyball - As an MEP for 19 years, she was heavily involved in major legislative initiatives for the creative industries as a leading player. She was a member of the Legal Affairs Committee amongst others. 

She also has a range of senior management experience in the non-governmental sector.

Ian Moss

Ian Moss -

Ian Moss was appointed as CEO of the International Association for Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) in December 2019.

Jan Carlsen.jpg
Jan Carlsen

Jan Carlsen - Jan Pilgaard Carlsen is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Truelinked. He trained in musicology from the University of Copenhagen where he earned his masters in 2006. For 9 years he worked with top 1,000 companies in the Nordics in an IT management consultancy.

Richard Kemp.jpg
Richard Kemp

Richard Kemp - Widely recognised as one of the world’s top IT lawyers, Richard has built an outstanding reputation for commercial legal solutions to the business challenges of IT development, deployment and regulation.  


Creative industries execs, lawyers, academics, public affairs professionals, or anyone running a business relying on the value of copyright and the ability to create, promote and distribute content. 

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Industry Exec

Needs to stay up to date on copyright developments as they affect their business locally and globally

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Needs to keep up continuous professional development and keep abreast of latest developments for clients

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Public Affairs Prof.

Needs to understand how copyright reform is influenced by different commercial pressures globally

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Needs to stay in touch with copyright developments in the market and future legislative changes


There is much on the agenda when it comes to data trends. Our experts invite you to take part in the discussion.

1pm - Registration


1:30pm - Welcome with Dominic McGonigal

1.45pm - The Power of Data Assets, the impact of a data economy with Ian Moss, CEO at STM


2:15pm - What do tenors know about data? Data as a competitive advantage in the performing arts with Jan Pilgaard Carlsen, COO & Co-founder at Truelinked 


2:45pm - Tea and Coffee break


3:00pm - Legal Strategies: What to fight for and how with Richard Kemp,  IT Lawyer at Kemp IT Law


3:30pm - Political agenda and future trends with Mary Honeyball, Former MEP

4:00pm - The Future Trends of Data as a Commodity: A panel discussion and questions with the speakers chaired by Dominic McGonigal 


5pm -  Networking drinks



Your ticket includes half a day with our expert speakers, an unique networking opportunity and refreshments.

This takes place 11th of March 2020

in central London.


We're proud to present the C8 Copyright Seminar in partnership with IAEL – International Association of Entertainment Lawyers

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The seminar is hosted in Central London - The location will be confirmed soon.

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