Who is winning the battle for data?

Data has surpassed oil in value. Data is a commodity that is harvested, sold and re-sold and fiercely guarded by all parts of the creative value chain. This seminar will explore the commercial, legal and political issues around data.

This seminar will take place in London, Winter 2020.

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Creative industries execs, lawyers, academics, public affairs professionals, or anyone running a business relying on data and the opportunity to create value from it. 

Industry Exec

Needs to stay up to date on data regulations and developments as they affect their business opportunities locally and globally


Needs to keep up to date of latest developments to advice clients on the legal challenges and opportunities within their businesses.

Public Affairs Prof.

Needs to understand how data reform is influenced by different commercial pressures globally


Needs to stay in touch with developments in the market and be aware of future regulations and opportunities