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Brexit and Creative Businesses 


We know the UK will leave the EU. The rest is uncertain.We don’t know the timescale. We don’t know what the new trade deal will look like. And we don’t know when it will be concluded. There could even be a U-turn.

This uncertainty creates risk for any business, a risk that can be managed with political intelligence and smart mitigation. As external experts we can inform and validate your business decisions.


In any period of uncertainty, there are also opportunities as trade deals are negotiated and politicians choose what to include and what to exclude. You can read about some of the critical factors for creative businesses in our White Paper, Brexit: The Impact on Creative Businesses.



Download our whitepaper: Brexit: The Impact on Creative Businesses.


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We're changing legislation to your advantage and mitigating the risk to your business
from Brexit regulatory changes


We work with a range of clients, from elite creative collaborations, to some of the biggest creative brands in the world. You'll be in good company.


With years of experience and several successful campaigns under our belt, we can deliver the results you want in the way that you want.
Dominic McGonigal


Dominic McGonigal is a talented and successful creative industries executive with 25 years of experience in the sector, over half of that time at Board and director level. He is Chairman of C8 Associates, experts in the creative and digital sector, working with businesses, industry bodies and investors.

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Lynne McDowell


Lynne McDowell is the Founder and Director of her own PR company specialising in supporting the music and creative industries. Previously, Lynne was Head of PR for the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) supporting Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music and morethan 300 independent record labels with corporate communications, public affairs, and CSR strategies and initiatives.

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