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During this pandemic, we are thinking of clients and friends who are affected. C8 continues to operate at full capacity. We are working with several clients on securing funds and other measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on businesses and individuals.

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CEO advisers and non-executive directors who have a wide market knowledge and specialist expertise are a cost-effective way to add value to your business. Recent research shows revenues can grow a third faster! When you're approaching the next business hurdle, have someone who has experienced that same challenge - content monetisation, copyright problems, digital transformation, at hand. We'll find the right person for your business. Get the expert input you need to grow your company.


Creativity is at the heart of modern economies, as global trade shifts from physical goods to intangible assets. We help creative businesses with the challenge of moving to digital while maintaining margins. We work with you to define and reach your business objectives to empower your growth and ensure creative and financial success.
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We convert your commercial objectives into a public policy strategy and match them with political thinking. We provide a full public affairs service, from information and advice to implementation and results, in Westminster and Brussels, together with our partners, Europe-Analytica. We can cover all the regulatory and legislative issues you face – copyright, licensing, content monetisation, privacy and data.



Coaching is one of the most effective ways of improving your performance and delivering results for your business. We will match you with a coach/mentor who will work with you on your agenda and help you achieve your goals. All of our associates are experts in their field and have a successful career to bring to the programme. They understand your commercial challenges and have first-hand experience as well as a network of contacts to bring to the table. Success breeds success.


The EU has well-established funding programmes for SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. The EU has committed €80bn up to 2020 to fund research, innovation and excellence. These funding programmes are highly competitive because they do not have the usual finance costs of equity, interest and debt repayment. They are therefore an attractive source of finance for innovative businesses and statistically the success rate for applications is low.

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