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  • Dominic McGonigal - C8 Associates

Brexit Crexit: London or Berlin

How will the creative industries vote?

Brexit decision - to stay or to go?

Our mini survey can't answer that question but it does give some pointers. Creative businesses are better off in the EU because it's easier to tour, easier to trade in the EU, easier to hire top talent and less costly on supplies if we Remain.

The benefits of Remaining are compelling. Conversely, many were unable to think of a reason to Leave. Finally, what would happen to London as a creative hub of Europe?

Our clients think it will move to Berlin. Click here for the full survey results.

So, what's our take? The creative industries will turn out in force and the vote will come out in favour of Remain. Contact us directly if you want to know our prediction of the Percentage.

Dominic McGonigal is Chairman of C8 Associates, a consultancy dedicated to taking creative businesses to the next level. He also chairs two creative startups, CICI and JazzUK. Read more at

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