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Olivia de Fouchier


Olivia de Fouchier is an International Relations and European Affairs specialist. She has over 5 years’ experience working within the EU institutions and as in project management for EU-related consultancies. She supports C8 activities through coordination and monitoring of Brussels and Member States’ activity. A French-American bi-national, Olivia obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political-Science and International Relations at Wake Forest University in the United States.


Prior to working as a consultant for C8 Associates, Olivia was a Programme Officer charged with the European Development Days (EDD) – Young Leaders Programme and High-Level Panel organisation on behalf of DEVCO. There, she coordinated the event content and logistics, working hand in hand with various EU offices and departments.


Before joining the EDD team, Olivia served for a French Member of the European Parliament, tracking legislative processes and supporting the MEP in her work through research, reporting and logistical assistance.


Following her graduation from Wake Forest University and various internships within U.S. government institutions (HSGAC and DOJ), Olivia began her career in Brussels as a Policy and Security Analyst at the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, where she provided in depth monitoring and research to private and public sector clients, including EU institutions and bodies.


Olivia’s grasp of the European institutions and ability to coordinate various projects enable her to support our clients in their endeavors at both national and EU-level.

"My aim is to encourage clarity, focus and simplicity when articulating a businesses' reason for being. Everything will flow if the hard work is done at the beginning."

- Olivia de Fouchier


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