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Cecilie Dreyer


Cecilie Dreyer is a strategic and analytical creative industry professional supporting companies in growth by implementing performance measurement infrastructure, process optimisation, operational and budget control. Cecilie is the Founder and Director of a music tech start-up based in London and Los Angeles focusing on taking music to market effectively. Cecilie has great experience working with music scale-ups and SMEs in operational positions supporting the executive teams, CEOs and boards.


Cecilie holds a BSc degree in Economics and Business with special focus on business model reconfiguration and music law obtained in Aarhus and Los Angeles. The final thesis Cecilie wrote was study of a Scandinavian music distributor planning their business model reconfiguration as a response to the changing market. On top of that she holds a MA in Arts Administration from Goldsmiths in London where she specialised in performance measurement and optimisation for companies in the creative industry. The final thesis was a full study of a London-based label services company showing them how they could plan their growth by implementing a simple KPI infrastructure. This study ended up creating a new position within the company.


Throughout her studies she has worked in the music industry in Los Angeles, Copenhagen and London in diverse companies and environments ranging from the TV show ‘CONAN’, sync agencies, public relations at [PIAS] and as service associate at label services company Kartel Music Group. With this unique global understanding of the creative industries and its organisational structure and culture, Cecilie has managed to create her own new position in several growth companies.


She quickly obtains a strong understanding of the current business model and its potential as well as understanding how to unlock the potential through strategic and operational planning and implementation.

"My aspiration is to empower companies in growth and ensure their creative and financial success by implementing tailored operational controls."

- Cecilie Dreyer


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