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In 2016, big data changed politics in the USA and the UK. Last year, it was the EU that felt the force of big tech as it tried to complete the Digital Single Market.

The big tech companies turned against the Copyright Directive because it aimed to reset the balance between creators and platforms. Until now, the platforms have used the ‘safe harbour’ provisions to argue that they had little or no res...

On 14 November 2018, the UK Government and the EU published the Withdrawal Agreement which had been negotiated by the two sides. It has to be agreed by the UK Parliament, the EU Council and the European Parliament for it to come into effect on 29 March 2019, the day the UK leaves the EU.

Withdrawal Agreement

We asked our experts what the chances are of the Withdrawal Agreement coming into effect on B...

It was close. The European Parliament has approved the Copyright Directive, after rejecting it in July amid claims the new legislation would break the internet.

Watching the vote in Strasbourg, it was just like any other. MEPs raised their hands or press electronic buttons to vote in favour or against each amendment. But behind this façade lurked a more sinister campaign.

On the surface this was a de...